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    Xuzhou Kaiyuan weighing apparatus specializes in R & D, production, sales and service of industrial automatic control system equipment, and provides products and technical services in related fields, such as testing instruments and instruments, automation control and system integration, networked remote control, information management software, foreign trade import and export and other related fields.

    At present, the product of the company covers two series of explosion-proof and non explosion-proof series, including weighing display, electronic car scale, electronic platform scale, electronic platform scale, bulk scale, fixed value packing scale, liquid filling scale, dynamic weighing scale, weighing and batching system and so on.

    The company has the weighing technology research center, the weighing instrument production workshop, the electronic hanging scale workshop and the large weighing machine workshop. It is one of the largest weighing instruments manufacturers in the northern Jiangsu Province of Jiangsu.

    The company has a professional service:

    (1) pre sales support, assist production, analyze customer needs and help select the most suitable products.

    (2) all the products we designed are reliable, sustainable and cost-effective.

    (3) we have enough stock to deliver to our customers at any time after receiving the order.

    (4) efficient computer operation and management of various products to provide speedy service.

    (5) constantly developing new products in view of technological innovation and market demand.

    (6) efficient after-sale technical support through telephone and e-mail.



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