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    Belt weigher

    2018-6-2 14:58:46592

    Detailed introduction

    Belt scale is a weighing apparatus that automatically scales the loose material placed on the belt and continuously passed through the belt. The weighing bridge is installed on the conveyer frame. When the material passes through, the weight of the material on the conveyor is detected by the measuring lever to the weighing sensor by the lever and produces a voltage signal that is proportional to the load of the belt. On the belt scale, a weighing sensor is mounted on the weighing bridge. When working, the weight of the material on the belt is sent to the weighing instrument. At the same time, the speed signal of the belt conveyer is also sent to the weighing instrument by the speed sensor. The meter divides the speed signal with the weighing signal to get the instantaneous flow and the tired measurement. . The speed sensor is directly connected to a large diameter speed measuring drum, providing a series of pulses, each of which represents a belt movement unit, and the frequency of the pulse is proportional to the speed of the belt. The weighing instrument receives the signal from the weighing sensor and the speed sensor, and obtains the instantaneous flow value and the cumulative weight value by the integral operation, and shows them separately.

    ICS series electronic scale is an ideal equipment for continuous measurement of scattered materials in the belt conveying system. It has the advantages of simple structure, accurate weighing, stable use, simple installation and maintenance, and can realize system management. It is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, coal, mine, port, chemical, cement building and other industries.


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