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    What is the impact of the environment on the pound sensor?
    Time:2018-6-2 9:10:53      Click:1421

    1. High temperature environment causes problems such as melting of the coating material, the initiation of the solder joints, and the structural change of the stress in the elastic body. High temperature sensors are often used for sensors in high temperature environment, and heat insulation, water cooling or air cooling devices must be added.

    2. The influence of dust and humidity on the short circuit caused by sensors. Under such conditions, highly enclosed sensors should be chosen. Different sensors have different sealing modes, and their sealing properties are quite different. The common seals are filled or coated with sealants, mechanical seals and seals for rubber mats, welding (argon arc welding, plasma beam welding) and vacuum nitrogen sealing. From the sealing effect, welding seal is the best, filling and sealing sealant is the difference. For the sensors working in a clean and dry environment, the sensor can be selected for sealing and sealing, and for some sensors working in a wet and dusty environment, the sensor of the diaphragm sealing or diaphragm sealing and vacuum filling should be selected.

    3. Under the corrosive environment, such as the damage of the elastomer or the short circuit caused by the humidity and acidity of the sensor, it is necessary to choose the outer surface for the over spray or the stainless steel cover, and the corrosion resistant and airtight sensors are good.

    4. The influence of electromagnetic field on the output disturbance signal of sensors. In this case, the shielding ability of sensors should be strictly checked to see if they have good electromagnetic resistance.

    5, flammable and explosive not only cause thorough damage to sensors, but also pose a great threat to other equipment and personal safety. Therefore, the sensors working in the inflammable and explosive environment have higher requirements for explosion-proof performance: explosion-proof sensors must be selected in a flammable and explosive environment. The sealed outer cover of this sensor should not only consider its tightness, but also take into account the strength of explosion-proof, as well as the waterproof, moistureproof and explosion-proof property of the head of the cable line. Wait.

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