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    Daily maintenance of car scale
    Time:2018-6-2 9:04:03      Click:1267

    Strengthening routine maintenance is the key to the normal operation of the scale, and should be maintained and operated in accordance with the following systems.

    (1) cleaning the scale body table and surrounding health every day, keeping the surface of the scale table clean, checking whether the clearance gap is reasonable, cleaning up the debris in the gap of the scale in time, preventing the foreign body from holding the scale.

    (2) the pound is calibrated at least 1 times a year.

    (3) check regularly whether the connecting piece and supporting column are intact.

    (4) check regularly whether the wiring boards in the junction boxes are clean and dry.

    (5) check whether the grounding wires of weighing instruments and sensors are solid every day.

    (6) vehicles should be driven into the platform at low speed. The brakes must be slow, and then be measured after stopping.

    (7) it is forbidden to carry out arc welding operation on scale body without interruption or interruption of signal line.

    (8) regularly maintain the camera lens before and after the weighing platform so as to view the vehicle number on the upper and lower scales.

    (9) it is strictly forbidden to install software that is not related to weighing on the matching computers, and prevent and control computer viruses from weighing and weighing management systems.

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