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    Common cheating in car balance
    Time:2018-6-2 8:59:51      Click:948

    1. The vehicle is not completely on the pound

    When the vehicle is in the pound, the front and rear wheels are not completely on the pound. As the officer is in the room, the limits of the vision can't be found in time. This will seriously affect the accuracy of the pound when the product is sold out of the warehouse.

    2. Vehicle exchange license plate

    Two or more vehicles in the fleet exchange license plate number, the heavy car and the car "heavy car" and "light car" exchange license plate after weighing the weight, the car pulls the goods out of the factory with the car license plate, and the big car is out of the load.

    3. Remote remote control

    The driver of the vehicle uses high technology remote control device to change the normal weighing data with the remote control when the material is in storage or the product is out of stock. Due to the small size and light weight of the remote control, the driver only needs to install the remote control in the pocket near the pound room, and the weighing result can be changed. The director can not detect it at all. This high-tech cheating method has been found in quite a few industrial companies. If it is not dealt with as soon as possible, the loss to the company is hard to estimate.

    4. Use the license plate for two times

    The drivers and the staff members colluded empty, the vehicle on the weight of the weight of the normal measurement, the driver subtle mobile vehicles, the weight of the weight of the weighing data is changed from a new license plate number to save, virtual materials into the warehouse; this situation has a very bad impact on the company.

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