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    Failure and treatment of automobile scale
    Time:2018-6-2 8:47:00      Click:1655

    (1) the weighing instrument is self checking after starting the machine. When the weighing instrument is displayed, the data displayed is not in conformity with the actual quality, and the meter does not return to zero after unloading. Disconnect the junction box to the signal cable of the instrument, insert the socket of the simulator into the instrument interface, connect the power supply, check whether the instrument work is normal, and the instrument is displayed normally after the detection; the output impedance of the sensor, the input impedance and the insulation resistance between the core lines of the signal cable and the shielding layer are measured with the multimeter, and everything is normal. After field inspection, it was found that the clearance of the bolt at the two ends of the scale body was too small. It is considered that the inertia of the brakes for a long time causes the balance of the scale body to offset, and the balance of the weight body offset makes the clearance of the limit bolt smaller, and the force of the truck will bend to two ends after the heavy pressure of the truck, causing the above situation. After adjusting the limit space, it is normal.

    (2) when the weighing apparatus is light in weight, the car displays normally, and when the weighing is heavier, the car displays smaller. After analysis, it is considered that there is a foreign body at the bottom of the weighbridge scale to withstand the scale body. When the load is small, the scale body does not reach the foreign object and the weighing data is normal; when the load is large, the scale body moves down. When the vehicle runs to the scale platform, the bottom of the scale is connected to the foreign body, and the top force can not reflect the quality, so the weighing instrument becomes smaller. After removing the foreign body at the bottom of the weighing scale, the problem has been solved.

    (3) weighing instruments display unstable or weighing instruments do not show. It is judged by the simulator that the fault occurs in the weighing instrument itself, which may be the damage of the power supply part or the amplifier filter capacitor. Replace the power supply part of the filter capacitor and amplifier filter capacitor, weighing instrument return to normal. If the weighing instrument is not displayed, the instrument power and fuse should be checked. In the case of normal power supply, the fuse is damaged and the fuse can be replaced. Otherwise, check whether the power supply connection is normal and reliable, whether the plug contacts are good, and whether the output of the AC voltage stabilizer is normal.

    (4) the weighing instrument can work normally after starting, and the load on the vehicle scale shows negative overload (sometimes there is no fault). The fault may occur on the scale part or the meter part, and is judged by the simulator. The fault occurs on the scale part. The inspection found that the fault was caused by the bad contact of a sensor's signal line. After re welding the sensor signal line, return to normal.

    (5) the weighing system can not operate normally and store. After checking the instrument maintenance personnel, it was found that the installation of unrelated software on an auxiliary computer caused the virus in the weighing system to be unable to work. After reinstalling the relevant system software on the machine, the system returned to normal.

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