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    What does the car scale consist of
    Time:2018-6-2 8:39:38      Click:1571

    The main components of the truck scale are sensors, scales, tables, meters, junction boxes, data lines, and slopes (no base type).

    Bearing and transfer structure: the mechanical platform that transfers the weight of the object to the weighing sensor is usually made of two types: steel structure and steel concrete structure.

    High precision weighing sensor is the core component of the car scale. It plays the role of converting the weight value into the corresponding measurable signal. Its advantages and disadvantages are directly related to the quality of the whole weighing apparatus. Weighing sensor weighing instrument: it is used to measure the electrical signals transmitted by sensors, and then to deal with the readings of the weight by special software, and can further transfer the data to the printer, the large screen display and the computer management system.

    Auto Fittings

    Printer: for printing weight data forms

    Alarm lamp: tricolor alarm lamp

    Large screen: for long distance reading

    Computer management system: used for further processing, storage and transmission of weight data.

    The weighing machine connects the computer and prints the pound list. It is a brand-new management method. It is made up of computers, printers, meters, and weighbridge software.

    Management system; vehicles are weighed two times, gross weight minus leather weight, net weight print pound list.

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