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    Method of lightning protection for automobile scale
    Time:2018-6-1 17:42:49      Click:1482

    In recent years, there are some electronic lightning strikes during the thunderstorm season, which not only cause heavy losses, but also affect normal use. How should we avoid the lightning strike to avoid the loss? Electronic is a kind of precision instrument involving many kinds of equipment. Although all kinds of components have taken necessary technical measures in manufacturing, the whole device belongs to weak power system. In order to ensure measurement performance, technical performance and safety performance, grounding and grounding devices are a necessary safety technology.

    The following is a brief introduction to the common grounding method of truck scale lightning protection.

    1. Base grounding: the car balance can be used to weld or bind the grounding grid in the base and connect with the anchor bolt to form the grounding grid embedded in the base, used for the protective grounding of the scales, sensors and pipelines, and the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms.

    Two, lightning protection grounding network: lightning arrester, lightning arrester, lightning arrester and other lightning arresters and grounding body radiating or ring connected each other. The flicker uses lightning current to draw down the wire. The material uses a (40) millimeter galvanized flat steel or a plurality of copper wires with a cross section of less than 95 square millimeters, connected to the grounding body.

    Three, ground floor grounding: a closed ring grounding device of the pound room foundation and more than two main steel bars in the vertical beam of the pound room are formed together to connect the ground pile in the pound room with the pound room to the ground network. The power supply in the LB room must be equipped with a ground wire, a three-phase plug, and a power supply arrester, a leakage protector and an air switch in the power line, so as to play a safe and protective role. The weighing instrument shell must be effectively connected with the grounding pile, which is beneficial to suppress or eliminate all kinds of electromagnetic interference.

    In the daily test, many users lack the understanding of the importance of the car to the ground, simple grounding or even no grounding, the result is often affected by electromagnetic interference and even damage caused by lightning. Therefore, correct and reasonable grounding can enhance the safety and reliability of the electronic, ensure the safe use of the electronic and the accuracy and reliability of the value.

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